How I got my PhD (Mirror Mirror Monday)

Monday, September 14

To get a PhD may be a lot easier than you think.

All it takes is a trip to Sephora to pick up Living Proof's PhD.... Perfect Hair Day ;)

This is the best shampoo I have ever used! It makes it so much easier to make everyday a Perfect Hair Day. 

Living Proof is a hair care line that is co-owed by non other than the beautiful Jennier Aniston, and who wouldn't want hair like hers!? I mean really, the woman is gorgeous!

This particular shampoo is formulated to keep your hair looking and feeling cleaner longer by repelling any dirt and oil that your hair may develop. I personally have to wash my hair every day. My hair is very fine and the color makes any dirt or oil that much more visible. This shampoo really gets the job done! If I don't get a chance to wash my hair, it don't have to worry. Living Proof's PhD keeps my hair looking fresh even two days after washing it.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone! Sephora offers two sizes of this shampoo, 2 oz and 8oz, so if you're interested in trying it, you can alway pick up the smaller size and give it a whirl!

Let me know what shampoo you like to use or if there are any you want me to try out :)

Have a 'Perfect' day! ;)

The Strawberry Blond