Freaky Friday #HappyHalloween

Friday, October 30

Happy Friday everyone!

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween!! 
Today I am going to be sharing with you all of my Halloween decorations in and around my home. I love to decorate, no matter what the holiday. It really helps me get more into the season and gets me excited for the actual day. Since decorations don't usually stay up for too long, I try to buy things that aren't super pricey and try to keep a lot of things to reuse the following year. I tend to buy my decorations from Walgreens, Target and A.C. Moore. They have great things that aren't too expensive. 

I hope you all enjoy my Halloween decor and I hope it inspires you in your own home!

I found this Fall garland at A.C. Moore. I personally like it better than Halloween garland this way I can keep it up a little longer :)

I secure the top and bottom of the garland to the banister with a twist tie. It holds it securely and makes it easy to take it off once I'm ready to change it.

I got these cute Halloween blow up figures from Walgreens :) they add the perfect spooky touch to the front of my house. Now for a look at all the decorations inside my house.

I am obsessed with Disney! How cute is this Mickey pumpkin!?

This is my FAVORITE Halloween decoration that I have! This Haunted House is from Yankee Candle from a few years ago. I look forward to putting it out every year. I really makes all the decorations come together. I love placing it on my dining room table so when I open my front door for the Trick-or-Treaters they can see it.

Lastly, I want to show you how I decorated my beautiful white pumpkin!

I purchased this spray glitter from A.C. Moore to use to decorate my pumpkin.

I place the cleaned off pumpkin on a pizza tray wrapped in tinfoil to protect the ground from the glitter paint.

I applied a few coats to the pumpkin and.............

Viola!! The perfect Cinderella pumpkin!! I'm in love! This gold glitter pumpkin was the perfect addition to my Halloween decor.

I hope you all have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a fantastic weekend!

The Strawberry Blond

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween!

Thursday, October 29

Happy Thursday! 

I can't believe Saturday is Halloween! I don't know where the month has gone! This past weekend I headed down to Mahwah, N.J. to Secor Farms for some Fall fun! I had to get all my pumpkin I wanted to decorate. Here's a look at my day through photos. I hope you enjoy!

So many pumpkins I didn't know which one to choose! I eventually found one ;)

I loved all the cute fall decorations! As I walked around the lot, the smell of coffee and hot cider donuts filled the air. It was like a Autumn wonderland!

All the baby pumpkins! I couldn't pick just one......... so I bought 5 lol! :)

These pumpkins were so cool! They looked like brains! Perfect for Halloween. 

Watermelon pumpkins!

I love white pumpkins! I think they look so pretty. I picked one of theses out for myself. :)

Mushroom Pumpkins!

Look at the size of this pumpkin! It's HUGE!! You would need a tractor to bring that home!

Aww all the babies!!! The little baby goats were cuddled together trying to keep warm. The piggy was all snuggled up in the hay and the other little goat was sitting in his food bowl! Silly goat lol!

LAMA FACE!! (Kuzko) ;)

These gourds looked like a flock of geese!

Look they are already getting ready for Christmas!! 

Stayed tuned for tomorrows blog as I share with you all my pumpkin decorating and a peek at all the Halloween decorations around my house :)

I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what Fall fun activities you like to do. Please share all of your pumpkin decorations with me! Tag @thestrawberryblond13 on Instagram :) 

The Strawberry Blond

What I Wore Wednesday (#OOTD)

Wednesday, October 28

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday!

As always I will try to link everything below the picture :)

I didn't go to work on Monday hence the lack of a photo :(

Thanks for stopping by!

Blazer | Lace Top (on sale!) | Tassel Necklace (local jewelry shop) | Jeans



Top (Altuzarra for Target-No longer available) | Jeans | Booties (similar)


Sweater | Leggings | Booties (similar)

The Strawberry Blond

Tasty Tuesday (Weekend Adventures)

Tuesday, October 27

Happy Tuesday!

Over the weekends I always make it a point to go out and try new things. My favorite thing to do is try out new restaurants. I had a lot of running around to do so by the time 12pm rolled around I was starving! I came across this restaurant in Wyckoff N.J. called Aoyama. It is a moderne Chinese and Thai cuisine restaurant. Here is a glimpse pf what I ate. 

I hope I don't make you too hungry ;)

I chose the Vegetables & Tofu in a curry sauce. It also came with Miso soup, my FAV!!

I LOVE elephants!! I knew this was going to be a good experience the minute I saw this cutie :)

The decor was so beautiful as well. The walls were lined with this translucent fiber that they lite up from the floor. The colors changed every few seconds. I caught this picture when the lights changed blue, it made it look like a waterfall!

I am a big tea drinker! I ordered my own little pot of green tea, it was so good! Perfect way to warm me up during the chill Fall day.

Miso Soup!! Definitely one of the best miso soup I have ever had.

My meal was so good! The tofu was cooked to perfection an there was just the right amount of sauce on the veggies. I wanted to have dessert but after cleaning my plate I was took full to even breathe lol! Maybe next time ;) 

After lunch I made a little pit stop on the way home. Stayed tuned later in the week to see where I stopped ;) Hint, Hint..........

I hope you all have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Strawberry Blond