K- Beauty Trend

October 15, 2015

Happy Thursday everyone!

One of the popular trends of the beauty world at the moment is the K-Beauty movement. The "K" stands for Korean. Korea is one of the world's leaders in skincare and beauty products. The woman in Korea take their skincare very seriously and some have a very in-depth routine that can consist up to 30 products! The goal is to keep the skin looking young, dewy and fresh.  Obviously that routine can be tailored to fit your needs and give you the benefits you want from your skincare needs.

I stopped into Sephora (where else) to pick up and try out some of these products for myself.

Tony Moly Coconut Face Mask (Coconut wasn't avaliable online)

There were tons more products that I wanted to try but I stuck with a few basics. Come back tomorrow for #FacialFriday and I will be doing a full review on all of the products listed above!

Let me know what K-Beauty products have caught your eye that you can't leave out of your beauty routine!

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