This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween!

Thursday, October 29

Happy Thursday! 

I can't believe Saturday is Halloween! I don't know where the month has gone! This past weekend I headed down to Mahwah, N.J. to Secor Farms for some Fall fun! I had to get all my pumpkin I wanted to decorate. Here's a look at my day through photos. I hope you enjoy!

So many pumpkins I didn't know which one to choose! I eventually found one ;)

I loved all the cute fall decorations! As I walked around the lot, the smell of coffee and hot cider donuts filled the air. It was like a Autumn wonderland!

All the baby pumpkins! I couldn't pick just one......... so I bought 5 lol! :)

These pumpkins were so cool! They looked like brains! Perfect for Halloween. 

Watermelon pumpkins!

I love white pumpkins! I think they look so pretty. I picked one of theses out for myself. :)

Mushroom Pumpkins!

Look at the size of this pumpkin! It's HUGE!! You would need a tractor to bring that home!

Aww all the babies!!! The little baby goats were cuddled together trying to keep warm. The piggy was all snuggled up in the hay and the other little goat was sitting in his food bowl! Silly goat lol!

LAMA FACE!! (Kuzko) ;)

These gourds looked like a flock of geese!

Look they are already getting ready for Christmas!! 

Stayed tuned for tomorrows blog as I share with you all my pumpkin decorating and a peek at all the Halloween decorations around my house :)

I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what Fall fun activities you like to do. Please share all of your pumpkin decorations with me! Tag @thestrawberryblond13 on Instagram :) 

The Strawberry Blond