Bits & Baubles

Friday, November 6

Happy Friday my loves! 

We are at the end of another week! I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change ;) Since it's getting darker out earlier, I figured I would try to brighten up your day a little with a bit of bling!

If you have been following me you will see in my #WhatIWore Wednesday posts pretty much all of my necklaces I wear are from Bauble Bar. Bauble Bar is an online jewelry retailer that sells everything from rings, to necklaces, to bracelets. Their prices range anywhere from $10 - $100 so there is a little something for everyone and every budget. Another bonus is they often offer something  called a Buried Bauble. This is when they give you a clue that relates to a certain piece of jewelry buried somewhere on their site where instead of maybe paying $36 for a necklace the price is cut to $15 dollars sometimes even $10! The trick is you have to find it ;) I happened to come across one of these Buried Baubles over the weekend and purchased something for my mama. :)

The packaging they ship your bauble in is so cute and fun! Even your receipt is folded up neatly in a bright little envelope.

Every single piece of jewelry comes with a Bauble Care guide on how to care for your Bauble. What a great idea! Now here is a closer look at all of my Baubles I have purchased from the site.

Every piece of jewelry comes with a little protective pouch to keep them safe and help to keep them from tarnishing. I really like wearing jewelry that's more on the dainty side and Bauble Bar has so many great pieces to chose from.

This is the necklace I purchased for my mom. It's the Zodiac Constellation for Pisces. She liked the one I have but mine is the Zodiac Constellation for Taurus so I figured I'd get her one of her own. :)

This was a Buried Bauble I had found one time. I love the cute little crescent moon charm. Unfortunately this one is no longer available on the site. :(

It's a little hard to tell in the photo but this is a navy blue pendant with flecks of gold in it. I love wearing this with jeans. It's the perfect compliment to dress up a less dressy outfit.

This necklace is the same as the necklace above just in a soft periwinkle color. What's cool about this necklace is that the color compliments a few different shades. I can wear it with a light blue, grey or white shirt and it picks up whatever color I'm wearing. More bang for your buck ;)

This is one of my FAVORITE necklaces. This is the Zodiac Constellation for Taurus. I wear it almost as much as my next a final piece.

Last but not least is my number one Bauble. I wear this necklace pretty much every single day! It is a SUPER tiny dog tag necklace with the letter "C" on it. It's very delicate looking and just adds the perfect touch to pretty much any outfit I wear!

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Head over to and sign up for their emails to receive 20% Off. Also keep your eyes open for their Buried Bauble to save even more!

I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend!

The Strawberry Blond