Tasty Tuesday (More Target Finds!)

Tuesday, November 17

Happy Tuesday!

If you couldn't tell already, I am a little obsessed with Target. They have such a great selection of items and always seem to have everything I am on the hunt for and A LOT of things I didn't even know I needed lol ;)

Here a look at all the goodies I found this past weekend there!

I finally found the seasonal Larabars (Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, & Snickerdoodle)! They are so good! Plus the Gingerbread Oreos and Cafe Mocha M&M's are amazing!

This popcorn is like crack! One of the bags are already gone and I just got them on Saturday! I love Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Holidrizzle popcorns, the come out with new ones each season! Keep an eye out for them!

I am loving this oatmeal! Since its getting colder out, I like eating something for breakfast that's going to warm me up and stick to my ribs to keeps me feeling fuller longer. 

I can't buy these Apple Cinnamon Straws anymore! I almost ate the whole bag in one sitting! They are seriously that good! Much better than the veggie sticks lol!

I looks forward to the Holiday Nogs every year! The Nogs made by Silk are so good and they are A LOT lower in fat and calories than the regular Egg Nogs. Plus they are vegan :)

This Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Espresso drink is SO GOOD!! Plus it saves me a trip to Starbucks lol! Tastes just a good as the one in the store and its actually lower in calories as well.

A co-worker of mine had  given me one of these pods to try and I fell in LOVE with this 
Green Mountain coffee! It is so smooth and not bitter what so ever. I would definitely recommend this coffee.

I didn't find this at Target, but I figured I would share it with you :) I love a nice glass of dry red wine during the colder months. This wine didn't disappoint! Plus the name is super intriguing. If you're of legal drinking age, I would definitely recommend this cabernet sauvignon. 

I hope I made you all hungry! Happy shopping!

The Strawberry Blond