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Friday, November 13

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Happy Friday everyone!

Over the weekend I went to one of my FAVORITE places......Target! They have already set up all their decorations for Christmas! Now I know Thanksgiving is just under two weeks away but, 
I LOVE Christmas! I look forward to decorating as soon as we get past Halloween lol!

They had this beautiful tree set up in the back of Target. I want it! (But not for $600 lol!)

I think I am going to have to get myself a white Christmas tree this year, I'll keep you posted ;) All of this inspired me to get a jump start on my own Christmas decorations! Here a little look inside my own Winter Wonderland!

Winter Fox (not available online)

I used an old Bath & Body Works Candle jar to hold some White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's

Even my feet wanted in on Christmas decorating ;) 

I still have lots more decorating to do! Stay tuned as we get closer to Christmas for more Holiday Inspiration! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Enjoy your weekend! 

The Strawberry Blond

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