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Tuesday, December 1

Happy Tuesday and Happy December!

Today I am going to be featuring an article from my trainers Karena & Katrina. You may know these beautiful girls from the Tone It Up nutrition plan as well as from their Bravo series they had a few years ago called Toned Up.

I have been a Tone It Up girl for the past 3 years and they had changed my life! They have a plan for everyone and every diet. With the New Year coming up, I would definitely recommend looking into this plan! 

Here is an article that the girls featured the other day about how to get back on track after the holidays. These are the tips and tricks I have been following myself :) Enjoy!

5 Tips to Bounce Back from the Weekend!

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 Bounce Back after the weekend!

We hope you had an awesome weekend with friends and family! We all know how it feels to overindulge a little bit or to have a few days when we slip up and get off track~ which is totally okay~ especially if it’s for Thanksgiving or apple pie!
We never want any of you to live with regret or feel guilty after a fun weekend with family. Instead, focus on our tips below.
Here’s a quick video on how to bounce back!


1. Drink Up.
After traveling, tons of activity and possibly a few cocktails, your body is dehydrated. For the next two days focus on drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water throughout the day. This means if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces of water in one day. This will help reduce cravings for sugary food from the weekend. We love adding natural flavors to our water like cucumber, mint and lemon.
2. Go Raw.
Including an abundance of raw foods into your meals for the next few days will leave you feeling vibrant and recharged. Your digestive system has been in overdrive all weekend with heavy meals and now it’s time to give your body a break.
It’s not necessary to eat exclusively raw foods to reap the benefits. Just include plenty of raw foods into each meal for a day or so, loading up on green smoothies, leafy greens, fresh vegetable juices and seasonal fruits. Raw foods are unprocessed and bursting with nutrients that your body will easily absorb. As a bonus, all that fiber will help you feel cleansed. For protein, you can include a scoop of our organic, plant-based Perfect Fit Protein in a smoothie or shake.

Some of our favorite raw foods:

Fruits: Apples, bananas, papaya (contains digestive enzymes), grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi, berries, mangos
Vegetables: Kale (a great source of fiber), broccoli, spinach, snap peas, arugula, leafy greens, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, onions (cleanse the liver), bell peppers, celery, avocados (technically a fruit!)
Supplements: Wheat grass, green superfood mix and psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is an amazing source of fiber. Mix 1 tbs. with almond milk once a day for the next 2 days to help cleanse your system.
Herbs & Spices: Cinnamon, parsley, basil, cilantro, cayenne, ginger, fresh mint and garlic
Some nuts & seeds: Although our faves~ keep nuts and seeds on the low side for the next day or two
3. Be Balanced
Having the right alkaline balance is important for many reasons including improving energy levels, decreasing your inflammation, supporting disease prevention and more. After indulging in processed foods, sugary treats, bread, dairy and a few cocktails, you need to balance your pH levels. We talk about this in your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!
Focus on eating alkaline-forming foods like the ones listed above along with adding lemon to your water. Green, leafy vegetables along with cucumbers, avocado and wheat grass are all very alkaline forming. Also, anyone on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, drink your Meta-D morning drink. We also love drinking kombucha!
Meta D Image Tone It Up 1
4. HIIT the Weights.
After a few too many treats, your body has extra glycogen stored in your muscles. The best way to burn through it before it’s stored as fat is to increase cardio and hit the weights for a full body routine. We suggest High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) along with a head-to-toe toning routine.
5. Walk & Rest.
Recharge and relax with a good 30-minute walk after dinner for the next few days. This will also help you unwind before bed while enjoying a bit of much needed “you time” after a busy weekend.
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