Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

December 11, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things I like to do to get into the Christmas spirit. With only 2 weeks until the BIG day, I try to soak in and enjoy as much as Christmas has to offer. Here's a peek inside my Winter Wonderland and I hope I inspire you to enjoy the season to its fullest!

Aside from my bedroom, one of my favorite places to spend my nights is my living room. I love lighting a fire in the fireplace and curling up with a big cozy blanket on the couch relaxing to come classic Christmas music. My world has pretty much become a snow globe because all I do is listen to Christmas music on my XM Radio or watch Christmas movies on t.v. ;)

Aaahhhh I can almost feel the warmth through the screen ;) I love watching all the Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel as well as ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas! Can you guess what some of my favorite films are?? Here's a hint...

Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite Christmas movies are!

I love my Christmas tree! I like scattering candy canes throughout my tree, this way if I want something sweet while I'm snuggled on the couch, I can just grab one off a branch lol!

My Christmas decorations wouldn't be complete without a little Disney! 

The night wouldn't be complete with out a cup of Hot Cocoa! I love this organic mix from Trader Joe's! It's the perfect amount of chocolate and the best way to warm up on a cold winter's night.

The holidays wouldn't be complete without the seasonal Starbucks blend and the newest M&M's flavor. I found both these babies at Target! I would highly recommend you trying both of them out! 

I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Thanks you so much for stopping by!

Have a holly jolly weekend!! 
The Strawberry Blond