It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's........

January 21, 2016


Or in today's case SUPERHERO Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara from It Cosmetics haha! 

Let me tell you, this mascara has changed my whole makeup world! If you don't know by now, the number one makeup item I can't live without is mascara. My lashes are very fair so I really like to wear mascara, it makes me feel complete ;) 

If you haven't tried anything from It Cosmetics yet, I HIGHLY recommend you trying this brand out! Pretty much every makeup brand that I have been using has been replaced by It Cosmetics! Stay tuned to my blog in the upcoming weeks because I will be sharing with you all the amazing products from this brand including a review on their latest and first ever moisturizer! :)

Here we go.....

What makes this wand so amazing is the variation of bristles on the brush. They are all cut at different lengths making it easy to grab onto every single lash. Your lashes go through a two week growing growing cycle, so you constantly have lashes falling out, growing in and growing up. Since your lashes are always going to be at different growth cycles, you need a brush that has different length bristles to grab every lash at every stage. One coat of this mascara and you will want to throw out every other mascara you own! 

The results truly speak for themselves! This is just ONE coat!! My lashes are stretched to 
"infinity and beyond!" Jamie Kern Lima, the CEO and co-creator of It Cosmetics worked with an ophthalmologist to create this mascara to ensure the nature of its ingredients making it great even for people with eye sensitivity.

Thank you all for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!