December Favorites!

January 09, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I finally took down the rest of my Christmas decorations. My house looks so empty now haha! Now that we are into the swing of January, I knew it was time for me to round up my December favorites! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these beauty picks and what some your December favs were! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Marc Jacobs Beauty- Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme (Fawn Over Me): I love this liquid lipstick! It's so creamy and not dry on the lips at all. It's super pigmented and the color is so rich and creamy. If you are looking to try a liquid lipstick but don't want to deal with the dry feeling on your lips, I would definitely recommend you giving this Lip Creme a go. Plus it lasts up to EIGHT hours! That's a whole work days worth of wear!

Kat Von D- Alchemist Holographic Palette: How STUNNING is this highlighter palette!? You know this is going to be gorgeous when the outer packaging looks like this! 

The colors in the pan really don't look like anything special but when you swatch these colors and apply them to the face you will be in awe of the subtle yet striking highlight it gives. 

From Left to Right: Emerald (Green) // Amethyst (Ultra-Violet) // Saphyre (Blue) // Opal (Pink)
Just the perfect pop of color!

First Aid Beauty- Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes & Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer: Both of these products are from the NEW Hello FAB collection from First Aid Beauty. All of the products from this line are infused with superfood ingredients that help your skin to look FABulous! I love using the Matcha wipes in the morning to refresh and wake up my face after a good nights sleep. The Coconut smoothie primer has become my go-to makeup primer! It gives a subtle glow to my skin and keeps my makeup in place all day.

Stila- Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow: "Glitter is my favorite color" is the quote I live by haha! With that being said, these liquid eye shadows have become my new obsession! It gives my makeup look this gorgeous little "something extra" to kick up my look a notch. 

Gold Goddess (top) //  Smoky Storm (bottom)

Tarte- Double Duty Beauty Creamy Powder Foundation (Fair-Neutral): Now, I can't do a favorites post without including something from Tarte! I had started using this powder foundation last winter and then took a break from it over the summer (self tanning made the color not work for me haha). I have fallen in love with this all over again! I love the coverage it gives me and create such a flawless finish to my skin.
Aussie- Aussome Volume Shampoo: Here's another shampoo to add to my list of favorites. This shampoo gives my hair weight-less volume without making my hair greasy. Plus it smells amazing! If you are looking for an inexpensive ($2.99) shampoo that is going to give your hair a little extra lift, I would defiantly recommend this AUSSOME product 😉.

I am a BIG fan of elephants. I have them all throughout my room and I am always wearing something with an elephant on it. My brother got me this beautiful necklace for Christmas and I have not stopped wearing it! It is so tiny and delicate and the opal just reflects the light beautifully. I wear it for extra luck throughout the day. 🐘💕

I am obsessed with Fairy Lights! I purchased this headboard from Wayfair a few months ago and I wanted to give it jazz it up a bit. I had an extra strand of fairy lights and just wrapped it around the top of the headboard.  I love the little glittery glow it gives to my room!

Out of all of the gifts I received for Christmas this is by far my FAVORITE (another give from my brother, he did very well this year!). I have been dying to get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for a while now because of all the health benefits that are said to offer. Salt lamps emit negative ions that are said to help clear the air, improve mood and promote relaxation. Plus it has a dimmer so you can turn the light down to a subtle glow that helps to promote sleep as well. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this light! I'm so happy I finally got one!

I love throwing in non-beauty related favorites as well and I couldn't not mention this movie. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and Rouge One did not disappoint! Felicity Jones did such an amazing job as Jyn Erso! The CG in this film was out of this world! It was visually stunning and the feature just added to the amazing Star Wars story as well. Unfortunately as soon as the film finished I looked at my phone and saw the notification that Carrie Fisher had passed 😢. She will forever be my favorite Princess and I hope that she is "Singing in the Rain" with her beautiful mom Debbie Reynolds who will forever be my "Halloweentown Grandma, Aggie Cromwell". 
Carrie Fisher, May the Force be with you.........ALWAYS.